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Covid update - November 18, 2020

Covid News Thanks to RA Capital for their great summary webinar.  I encourage everybody to tune in!  Here is my summary from that and the past week of #Covid19 news. Note that I am not an expert and these are my personal interpretations.  Please let me know if you see any inaccuracies!   First Home test is available. A Califorina company, Lucira, has created the first home test. [LINK] Results come back in 30 minutes Cost is $50 You need a prescription This is to regulate the testing - one major hurdle is how to report numbers of infections if the test is availble over the counter, like a pregnancy test. It’s accurate - but still needs more data from non-infected people. As of new, the test was approved with results from people who were known to be infected. It uses the accurate “molecular” testing, but targets unusual RNA strands rather than the more cumbersome, and more accurate, PCR tests that also use the molecular method. “Antigen” tests are loo